Here are some common questions & Answers to see if we are the right fit for your business

What kind of businesses can benefit from SEO & Social Marketing?

Any business that wants to sell products & services or attract new leads can benefit from having us make it easier for new customers to find them!

How do I know that it is going to work for my business and not be a waste of money?

Unlike other traditional marketing companies, after our initial consultation, if you want to see how it all works, we don't force you to contract to us for any length of time.

We usually operate on a month to month basis which you can cancel whenever you like.


By operating this way, our success is linked to your success and in order for you to keep paying us we need to deliver you results.


This removes the risk of outlaying a big investment and being disappointed.

We are driven to perform for you, so that we can keep you as a client.

What if I dont know much about social media or dont have any social media accounts?

This is exactly why someone would choose to use us!

We can manage the setup & design of all of your social media accounts.

We will also look after posting on a set schedule, keeping your followers engaged, growing your audience and sending out targeted ads to attract new business.

This gives you the time to concentrate on what you do best, Serve the customers that we bring you!

I've heard that getting listed in the top results of Google is super expensive and don't think we have the budget for that.

This really comes down to your particular industry, how much competition you have ,where you are located & how quickly you want to get to the top.

As every business is different, we offer a free first consultation, in which we will come to you, show you how your existing online presence is stacking up and show you how we can boost it and what costs would be involved.


We offer affordable solutions that start with a very small initial investment, and if we don't get results you don't pay anything else!


Any money that you put into successful marketing strategies for your business is not money spent but rather money invested. 

The whole reason we do what we do is to bring customers to your door and get you a return on your investment and then some!

I just don't see how having likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram is going to actually bring me any money..

It really isn't about getting likes and follows for a business social media account.

Likes, follows and other forms of engagement do help in that they show google that there is activity on you social media pages which helps with SEO and getting your website listed higher than your competitors.


This is secondary however to the true power that social media has for a business, which is to send out ads to a super targeted audience.

Do you ever get that feeling that sometimes your social media accounts are listening into everything that you say and do and can sometimes even feel like they actually read your mind?

One day you are talking about something with your friends, or searching something on your phone and the next day you have an ad for that very thing in amongst the photos of your friends on Facebook.

As a business you can utilise this power to reach out to people who are interested in what you do and show them how you can help solve their problems.

This is 100% the best form of advertising that we have at or disposal at the moment as you are not just blasting your message out there to anyone that will listen but you are like a sniper selecting the perfect person to show your ad to.

How long does it take to see results?

Again, every business is different and every strategy takes a different amount time but here is a rough guide...


With Search Engine Optimisation you generally don't see results for about 90 Days. We can get you up in the search results quicker if you are willing to pay for ads until your site gets up there organically.

With social media ads, it really depends on what you are targeting and what you are selling, but a rough guide is 2 weeks to start seeing some good engagement and 30-90 days to start to see good positive growth.


I have a question that isnt answered here...

Fantastic, that means that your business is probably a little bit different.

Being different helps you stand out and makes it even easier to grow with proper marketing.

Please drop us a line on 1300 748 994 or an email at and we can organise a FREE meeting to go through all your questions.


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